Gunslingers Gold Episode 1
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"Gunslingers Gold" is an action shooter with a strong stealth component. Not only will you be able to shoot down your enemies with your gun or rifle, but you will also be able to hide behind objects and backstab your enemies using your knife. If you want to take your enemies by surprise be careful not to be spotted by them. Also, hanging too much behind their shoulders will make them hear you. They will also be able to call each other for support and they will hear your shots.
Controls & Hotkeys
  • wasd  or  
  • arrows   
  • dotsMovement  
  • move   
  • dotsAim  
  • click   
  • dotsShoot / Action  
  • one  -  
  • five   
  • dotsSelect Weapons  
  • P   
  • dotsPause  
Game Info
Game Plays: 1,214
Filesize: 9.50mb

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