Ant Move
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Moving house is not a fun thing to do. It's even tougher if you're an ant. Your objective is to protect the ants while they are moving their eggs to a new house. Watch out for nasty critters, as they love to eat ants or block them from moving.
Controls & Hotkeys
  • move  &  
  • click   
  • dots  
  • Shoots
  • Hold
  • click  for automatic fire  
  • Weapon Hotkeys:
  • one   
  • dotsSwatter  
  • two   
  • dots2nd power up weapon  
  • three   
  • dots3rd power up weapon  
  • four   
  • dotsleaf for patching holes  
  • five   
  • dotssoldier ant  
  • P   
  • dotsPauses game  
Game Info
Game Plays: 1,521
Filesize: 1.61mb

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