War Droids
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We had been fighting the drogs for decades. When we ran out of people to fight them with we made machines to do the same. An army of droid soldiers, but even that wasn’t enough. Now all that stands between humanity and exinction is this last space gun and droid making facility. Take control of the last remaining space gun. You are our last hope! Use your space gun, and droid building functions to destroy the incoming drogs and then finally destroy their base to clear the planet of their presence! clear 10 planets to complete your mission! Use the money you have to build droids or fire off the space gun. You also have energy, if it reaches zero your mission will have failed! There are 5 types of droids, and 5 possible upgrades available, use each wisely! Each planet faces new challenges, so be careful! As each level progresses the Drogs move faster towards your base! Good luck commander!
Controls & Hotkeys
  • left-right  or  
  • A  &  
  • D   
  • dotsScroll  
  • up  &  
  • down  or  
  • W  &  
  • S   
  • dotsRotate Gun  
  • space   
  • dotsFire  
  • P   
  • dotsPause  
  • Z   
  • dotsBasic Droid   
  • X   
  • dotsGrenade Droid   
  • C   
  • dotsSniper Droid  
  • V   
  • dotsRocket Launcher Droid   
  • B   
  • dotsBattle Droid  
Game Info
Game Plays: 1,268
Filesize: 412kb

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