Lethal War Zone
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Real-time strategy game. Research new technologies, build your base, control the resources and make an army to destroy your enemy. The game includes 7 buildings, 5 towers and 11 units which can be used when you research them before playing a zone. Some units and towers can only be used when a specific technology is chosen at the start (air or ground). Units and towers increase their experience (white bar is expenrience and orange bar is unit level) while you play and the player can keep his best units for the next zone. On the first map the AI is so basic that the enemy won't even attack your base. It's a tutorial. As you advance to other maps the AI will be more aggressive.
Controls & Hotkeys
  • click   
  • dotsDoes everything  
  • P   
  • dotsPause  
  • Optional hotkeys
  • arrows  or  
  • wasd   
  • dotsMove map  
  • space   
  • dotsDeselect all  
  • R   
  • dotsRepair  
  • C   
  • dotsCenter to base  
  • shift   
  • dotsCenter to selected unit  
  • shift  +  
  • one  -  
  • O   
  • dotsAssign selection to team  
  • one  -  
  • O   
  • dotsSelect team  
Game Info
Game Plays: 1,391
Filesize: 2.56mb

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