The Bank Robber
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Whoever said that robbing a bank was easy must have never tried it before. You have finally gotten to steal some of the most expensive things of all time and rob a bank. It was not meant to be busy, as a bank robber you have to take into account all the security personnel as well as the cameras. Best of luck robbing the bank and maybe then you can prove to the world that you are the best bank robber in the business.
Controls & Hotkeys
  • move  &  
  • click   
  • dotsMovement  
  • ctrl   
  • dotsWalk  
  • space   
  • dotsBlueprint Menu  
  • D   
  • dotsDrop Mine  
  • shift   
  • dotsTools Menu  
  • one  -  
  • five   
  • dotsSelect Robber  
  • P   
  • dotsPause  
Game Info
Game Plays: 1,374
Filesize: 7.80mb

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